our history

We are committed to respecting and valuing every person's unique experiences and background.  To provide high quality health care services we must acknowledge and be responsive to the health beliefs, practices and cultural and linguistic needs of our diverse patients.

meet our team

Jennifer Suchon, MSN PNP, FNP, PMHS

Clinic Director and Medical Provider

​Ron Kruis 

Mental Health Counselor 

Jaqueline Segura 

Front Office Receptionist 

The Mission of the Northside Health Center is to provide accessible, high-quality, integrated primary health care to children and qualifying adults in the Montrose and Olathe Communities by offering culturally competent services, and health-related education and outreach.

October 2007 – Our doors opened to provide mental health and primary pediatric services to children ages 3-12 years.


2008 – Our services were expanded to provide care to youth ages 2 to 18 years.


2010 – Our services weer expanded to provide care to youth from birth through high school.  Dental hygiene services were added as well.


2013  - Through careful plans and determination of eligibility criteria, primary care for adults was added to our scope of services.  Please call us to learn more.